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Students enjoy a broad range of specials in their weekly routine. Beginning in the toddler class and continuing on into primary, students are introduced to Spanish through music, games, and in-class instruction. They also enjoy informal music through song and dance at circle time. Elders (kindergartners) enjoy formal Spanish, art, music, and physical education in specials classrooms and the gymnasium.

Elementary students have formal Spanish, art, music, and physical education classes weekly. Spanish is taught in-class to small groups of students. They attend art and music in our fine arts building, The Spark Center. In addition, each lower elementary class goes to the music room once a week for a group singing class and upper elementary students have the option of music studio and chorus each week.

Adolescent students attend art once a week. The centerpiece of music instruction in the adolescent program is our ukulele program, established in 2010. The adolescent students attend music/ukulele/music theory class and have the option to attend music studio each week. Physical education is offered twice a week. Spanish is integrated by a specialist throughout the week, with at least two scheduled blocks per week.

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