Tuition and Fees - 2014-2015

Hours Tuition Deposit Due
Toddler Class 8:15 - 11:30 $9,712 $971.20
Morning Primary
(3 and 4 year olds)
8:15 - 11:45 $9,124 $912.40
Elder Primary
(5 year olds)
8:15 - 3:00 $12,738 $1,273.80
Lower Elementary
(1st - 3rd grades)
8:15 - 3:15 $12,870 $1,287
Upper Elementary
(4th - 6th grades)
8:15 - 3:15 $13,229 $1,322.90

Middle School
(7th and 8th grades)

8:30 - 3:30 $14,301 $1,430.10
Before School Care
(3 years - 6th grade)
7:30 - 8:15 $968 $96.80
Primary Late Day I
(3 and 4 year olds)
11:45 - 3:00 $3,316 $331.60
Primary Late Day II
(3,4 and Elders)
3:00 - 5:45 $3,316 $331.60
Elementary Late Day
(1st - 6th grades)
3:15 - 5:45 $3,723 $372.30
Middle School Study Hall
(7th and 8th grades)
3:30 - 5:00 $1,000 $100
  • Application Fee: $100 per family
  • Acceptance Fee: $1,200 per family
    Each family is required to pay a nonrefundable $1,200 Acceptance Fee at the time of enrollment. This is a one-time payment for each family regardless of how many children are eventually enrolled in the school or how long the family has a child enrolled.
  • Deposit
    A non-refundable deposit of one tenth (1/10) of the total tuition is due upon enrollment for each child and constitutes the 10th and final tuition payment.
  • Sibling Discount
    If two or more children from the same family are enrolled concurrently, full tuition is payable for the older child with a 10% discount per child for all others. The sibling discount also applies to Before School Care and any Late Day program selected.

Tuition payments, Tuition Deposits, and Acceptance Fees are non-refundable.

Statement of Non-Discrimination

Montessori Community School welcomes children (ages 18 months - 14 years of age) from all racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds. Children with special needs will be admitted when space is available and when those needs can be met in a mixed-age Montessori setting with reasonable accommodations. Priority in enrollment is given to returning students, then to siblings and transferring Montessori students. After these considerations, children will be accepted from among names in the waiting pool according to their stated program preference and age, their long-term school goals, and gender needs of our classrooms. MCS maintains a balance of ages and genders in each classroom. Parents are required to attend our Tuesday Information Sessions and Tours and observe at the school before submitting an application. As space is available, parents and children from the waiting pool are invited to participate in a school interview with the Admissions Director before enrollment decisions are made.