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Carnaval Parade and Display

February 15

8:45 a.m., Spark Center

We will have a Carnaval Parade of Nations displaying flags and other Carnaval crafts made during the course of this week’s Spanish classes. The parade will begin at 8:45am and will follow the same route as our Halloween parade (around the loop twice). There will be upbeat Latin music playing over loudspeakers on the concrete circle.

Immediately after the parade the Adolescent Community will gather in the gym/Spanish Room to dance, play dominoes and chess, and share children’s stories in Spanish. Upper Elementary, Lower Elementary, and families are cordially invited to join in. We anticipate that things will wind down in the gym by 9:30 to 9:45am.

We will collect the Carnaval crafts and flags from all classes and put them on display in the Spark Center next week so that interested parents and students can take a look.