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Elementary Music Sharing

November 12-19

Time varies by grade, Music Room

Each year, Karen Richardson, Music Teacher, devotes two or three music classes to “Music Sharing.” Music Sharing is an opportunity for students to share something musical with others in their music class.  Students can use the instruments we have at school or bring in their own to show or play, sing a song, or share anything musical they wish, including poetry. They can share something alone or with others in their class. This is meant to be a fun and low stakes musical exchange amongst peers so it is very important that it is completely voluntary. Feel free to encourage your child to participate, but please don’t apply any pressure. After all, a performance needs an audience just as much as it needs performers!

Here is when your child has sharing this week:

Monday, November 12: Grade 3

Tuesday, November 13: Grade 4 (601)

Wednesday, November 14: Grade 2

Thursday, November 15: Grade 5

Friday, November 16: Grades 1 and 6

Monday, November 19: Grade 4 (602)

For questions, please contact Karen Richardson at: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).