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Student Life

We offer a rich student life with many opportunities to learn and grow through art, sports, community service, dance, singing, clubs, outdoor learning, field trips, camps and more. Our students can explore any number of interests during the regular school day as well as after school.

Toddler students go on walks around the campus and use their playground and outdoor learning spaces to observe nature.

Primary students observe and draw nature in the primary outdoor learning environments, go on extended walks, and attend on campus field trips. They enjoy after school art classes as well as a variety of off campus enrichment and outdoor environment experiences during the school year. We also offer a wonderful array of summer camps. All primary students and their families are encouraged to participate in various community service activities throughout the year.

Elementary students have a number of responsibilities within our school community, such as composting and recycling. They have a variety of after school activities in which they can enroll including: jazz, chess, art, music and soccer. Summer camps are very popular with our students. We offer a variety of camps themes to choose from: sports, cooking, science, and exploration of different cultures. Elementary students also enjoy many off campus enrichment opportunities and they welcome guests throughout the year who bring enrichment opportunities to the campus. Our elementary students proudly undertake a student-led performance each year. This is an exciting event, well-attended by parents, friends, and members of the community.

Our adolescent students participate in a variety of activities during and after school. They are currently involved in running their own business, “Cool Beans Cafe,” which serves fair trade organic coffee daily on campus. The proceeds from their business help finance a number of their field trips.

All of our students participate in Garden Day twice each school year. Working side by side with teachers and parent volunteers, students get to work cleaning flower beds, prepping soil, planting and beautifying our campus.