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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

One of the many advantages of a education at MCS is the assurance that your child can receive an authentic Montessori instruction through 8th grade. A key role of the Board of Trustees is to help assure that MCS continues to provide an excellent education and remain a school of choice for faculty and students.

The Strategic Plan will ensure that MCS continues to be financially stable and forward-looking, with decisions about program enhancements made thoughtfully and in the best interests of children. In addition, the Strategic Plan provides the vision for a comprehensive Montessori education on an enhanced campus.

Beginning early in the 2013 school year and continuing into the spring of 2015, the Strategic Planning Committee solicited input from parents, grandparents, friends of the school, faculty, and administration.  Based on this input, and on a series of open meetings, the committee drafted a new Strategic Plan to take us into 2022. The Strategic Plan was approved by the Board in May 2015 and presented to the community in June 2015. MCS and the Board are committed and enthusiastic about this Strategic Plan.

Strategic Plan for 2015 - 2022