Get Involved Today

School events, the family ambassador program, grandparent groups, outreach opportunities, and local partnerships all provide the opportunity for MCS constituents to get involved, collaborate, and contribute to school initiatives. MCS has a staff member dedicated to community engagement who helps foster positive relationships among and between students, families, staff members, alumni, and the surrounding community. 
MCS thrives on the dedication and support of parent and guardian volunteers. Assisting with our volunteer and engagement efforts  efforts is the FSO—the MCS Family School Organization. The FSO is instrumental in fostering a sense of community and service within our school. Through various initiatives, they enhance the overall experience for families at MCS and support our faculty and staff with monthly birthday celebrations, snacks in the teachers’ lounge, and treats such as lunch on professional development days. FSO meetings occur monthly and are open to all. Parents, guardians, and local grandparents participate.
Dedicated families devote countless hours to a wide range of activities. From serving on boards and committees to organizing social events, assisting with student performances, acting as class liaisons, working on outdoor gardens and landscapes, there's something for everyone to contribute.