Lower Elementary

Our Lower Elementary offers a dynamic and engaging educational experience for students traditionally in first through third grade. With a focus on the Montessori philosophy, we prioritize individualized learning, hands-on exploration, and holistic development.
Students benefit from the expertise of two Montessori-trained teachers who nurture each child's unique talents and abilities. Through a structured three-hour work cycle, students engage in diverse subjects including math, language, botany, and geography. This approach encourages autonomy, critical thinking, and a deep sense of accomplishment as students explore and grasp new concepts at their own pace.
One of the hallmarks of our program is the integration of specialized instruction in art, Spanish, physical education, and music, provided by dedicated specialists. This enriching curriculum expands students' horizons, fosters creativity, and promotes cultural awareness.
Beyond the classroom, students have access to a wide range of outdoor activities, field trips, and community service projects. From exploring nature to engaging in hands-on learning experiences, our Lower Elementary students develop a profound connection to their environment and community.
Lower Elementary students working with the Montessori material, geometric solids A Lower Elementary teacher teaching the great life lesson A parent comes in to share with a Lower Elementary classroom Lower Elementary students working with maps Lower Elementary student doing research
Montessori-Trained Teachers: Two dedicated Montessori-trained teachers guide students through their educational journey, providing individualized attention and a supportive environment for children to explore, learn, and grow.
Three-Hour Work Cycle: Students enjoy a three-hour work cycle each morning, where they delve into various subjects such as math, language, botany, and geography. They engage in group projects, research topics of interest, and receive individual or group lessons.
Comprehensive Curriculum: Our curriculum encompasses core subjects as well as specialized instruction in art, Spanish, physical education, and music, ensuring a well-rounded education.
Outdoor Exploration: Our school has dedicated outdoor spaces including playgrounds, basketball courts, a volleyball court, sports field, and track area for students to enjoy during recess and after-school activities. Students have ample opportunities for outdoor play and learning, field trips, and community service projects, fostering a deeper connection to nature and their community.
Lower Elementary students working with math Montessori material Lower Elementary students walking through a local garden while on a field trip A parent who is a doctor comes in to share the surgical prep process with a Lower Elementary classroom Lower Elementary teacher and students baking together Lower Elementary student looking at a piece of art on a local field trip

  • Writing Mechanics: Students develop fine motor skills and learn proper formation of letters for both cursive and print writing.
  • Word Study: Students explore various word structures, including suffixes, prefixes, synonyms, antonyms, and homophones.
  • Grammar Study: Students understand the function of different parts of speech and engage in sentence analysis.
  • Literary Skills: Students read and analyze different literary genres, enhancing comprehension and critical thinking abilities.
  • Number Theory and Composition: Students learn the structure of the decimal system, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  • Arithmetic Computation: Students engage in static and dynamic operations with the Montessori math materials, enabling them to understand complex mathematical concepts early on.
  • Measurement and Geometry: Students explore standard measurements, geometric shapes, and spatial relationships.
  • Zoology: Students study vertebrates, invertebrates, and the classification of animals.
  • Botany: Students explore plant classification, seed structure, leaf anatomy, and flower morphology.
  • Earth Science and Physical Geography: Students learn about planet Earth, rocks and minerals, plate tectonics, weather patterns, and the states of matter.
  • Creation Stories and Cultures: Students explore the origins of human civilization, fundamental human needs, and different cultural narratives.
  • Great Lessons: In this mixed-age classroom an interdisciplinary curriculum stresses connections between different study areas. The teacher uses “Great Lessons,” which lays out a general organization for knowledge, then invites the children to investigate details and relate them back to the whole. Impressionistic charts and evocative materials give a sense of the size and age of the observable universe, the steady progression of life on Earth, the variety of terrain and climates on our planet, and the saga of human evolution, invention, and civilization.
Lower Elementary students working on a fabric project Two Lower Elementary students working at desks independently smiling at the camera Lower Elementary students taking care of their classroom garden A Lower Elementary teacher helping a student saw a piece of wood Lower Elementary student reading to a Primary student as part of the reading buddies program
Social/Emotional Learning
MCS places a strong emphasis on social and emotional learning to support students' overall well-being and interpersonal skills. Through programs like Open Circle and Mindfulness, students learn to recognize and manage their emotions, develop empathy, and cultivate positive relationships. 
Open Circle fosters a supportive environment where students learn to identify and regulate their emotions, cultivate empathy, forge meaningful connections, and effectively resolve conflicts. Moreover, it serves as a catalyst for community-building, nurturing a sense of safety, belonging, and active engagement within the school environment. Through this program, MCS endeavors to create a cohesive and inclusive community where students thrive both academically and emotionally.
Field Trips
Field trips play a crucial role in Lower Elementary, providing students with immersive off-campus trips that complement their in-class learning. Day trips offer hands-on exploration of the local environment, igniting curiosity, fostering a spirit of adventure, and deepening connections with the world around them. As a capstone to their Lower Elementary journey, third-year students embark on an unforgettable overnight field trip, which not only enriches their learning but also builds a sense of community beyond the classroom walls.
Two Lower Elementary students presenting to the class Lower Elementary students learning about the Paul Green cottage on a local field trip A parent showing the class how to make moon cakes as part of the Chinese New Year celebration A Lower Elementary student working on math Lower Elementary student working with the movable alphabet