In our Primary Program, children aged three to six experience a nurturing environment rooted in the Montessori philosophy. Each classroom is guided by a trained Montessori teacher and an assistant. The classrooms follow a multi-age, three-year cycle designed to cultivate student's unique gifts and talents.
Hands-on experiences with concrete materials help the students thrive as they develop cognitive skills, language acquisition, mathematical understanding, cultural awareness, and social-emotional growth.
A prominent goal of our program is to empower children to construct themselves and realize their full potential through meaningful interactions with their surroundings. The elder (kindergarten) year holds particular importance as students develop essential skills such as independence, collaboration, concentration, and leadership, setting the stage for success in future academic endeavors.
A student working with the movable alphabet A student hammering nails into a stump A student writing on top of a butterfly page Student working on math Students working at a table with a big classroom window behind her
Individualized Learning: Children have the freedom to work independently or in small groups with specially designed materials that foster their intellectual, emotional, and social development.
Comprehensive Curriculum: Our curriculum encompasses a wide range of subjects, including language, mathematics, practical life skills, sensorial exploration, cultural studies, music, art, and physical education.
Inclusive Celebrations and Projects: Primary students participate in special in-class celebrations and projects, often led by parent volunteers, which foster a sense of community and belonging.
Enrichment Activities: Elders (kindergarten-aged students) enjoy additional formal instruction in music, art, Spanish, and physical education, along with exciting in-house field trips from local venues and museums.
Two students eating their lunch together at a table in the classroom Two students working on a puzzle work together in the classroom Students working together to sweep the classroom floor Three students working independently at the picnic tables outside Two students playing soccer on the playground
Students engage in diverse lessons and activities spanning multiple areas of study, nurturing children's developmental growth and inherent curiosity. Guided by their interests and readiness to learn, students delve into various subjects, with the curriculum allowing for flexibility to support individual exploration and interconnected learning experiences.
Here's a glimpse into our curriculum:
  • Practical Life: care of self, care of the environment, grace and courtesy, and control of movement
  • Math: numbers to ten, decimal system, linear counting, addition memory work, subtraction memory work, multiplication memory work, division memory work, computation—passage to abstraction, and fraction
  • Sensorial: visual, tactile, auditory, stereognostic, olfactory, and gustatory
  • Language: vocabulary enrichment, writing, handwriting, reading, and functions of words
  • Geography: physical geography and political geography
  • Biology: zoology and botany
  • Physical Science: simple experiments, fossils, rocks and minerals, and seashells
Two students working together in the classroom Three students sitting outside with the student in the middle, throwing something in the air Students making dumplings in the classroom A student showing her work A student taking care of a plant in the classroom